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The 2013 - 2014 Autumn / Spring Catalogue

Echeveria - Euphorbia
Plant names highlighted in green have images attached, click to view.

Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ £4
Dark rosettes 20cm across. Orange-red flowers in autumn. Needs some winter protection.
Echeveria secunda var. glauca £4
Good sized, really glaucous rosettes with nicely contrasting orange and yellow flowers. Protection again.
Ellisiophyllum pinnatum BSWJ 197 £5
A pretty little woodlander ground cover plant, with pinnately lobed leaves and plenty of small white flowers in summer.
Eomecon chionantha £4.50
Poppy of the Dawn. Translucent white flowers of great, if fleeting beauty; grey foliage. It runs wild and free in a shady bed, even on heavy ground, popping up at intervals. Great if you value serendipity, not if you prefer regimented formality.

Page link to Epimedium

Equisetum ‘Bandit’ £5
Impressively banded horsetail, each internode with a dark green and at best almost luminous light yellow-green section. Dense clumping, of the hyemale persuasion. 60cm. Said to be from Japan, altho’ I’ve heard of similar forms in Latvia. Blame that Sharman for the punny name.
Eragrostis curvula ‘Totnes Burgundy’ £4
Our own introduction, now getting lots of good press in Britain and the US. Long, arching stems of steely grey flowers in summer, as in the type. The mature leaves are dark wine red from midway. Best in a sunny, well-drained site or large pot. It always looks best against gravel, wood, stone or silver foliage, not against green or earth. Surprisingly hardy if well drained.

Page link to South African Ericas

Erigeron aff. philadelphicus £4
I’m not an Erigeron fan, but this one is irresistible. Nodding buds open upright to loads of wild daisy sized pale pink, yellow centred heads on 60cm stems in early summer. Bulks up freely and seems perennial with us. Previously listed as E. pumilis, which it’s not, but it doesn’t quite fit this either.
Eryngium deppeanum F&M 54 £4.50
This variable Mexican species includes forms which are horticulturally dull as well as some lovely ones, this one included. Google the name and you’ll soon discover Bob Brown either got hold of a dodgy one or had a grumpy day... Anyway, the foliage is superb and evil, dark glossy green with a rather silvery midrib and broad green spnes sticking out from the margin almost at right angles. The bracts (that’s the attractive part of an Eryngium flower head) have a rather metallic, bluish sheen.

The Pineapple Lilies are summer growing bulbs, suited to sun or dappled shade in borders which don’t become excessively cold, and to pots. When pot grown, repot in February, before the roots grow. For a superb gallery of Eucomis pics, go to
Eucomis bicolor spotty £5
We selected this clone from a large batch of seed-raised plants for the excellent heavy, even spotting on the stem and leaf backs. The flowers are pale green with a red edge. My favourite of all the Eucomis we grow.
Eucomis comosa ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ £5
The classic dark leaved variety, very very dark in full sun. Only the rather watery pink flowers stop it being an A* plant.
Eucomis comosa var. striata £4
The red spots on the undersides of the leaves, and leaf sheaths join up to make pin stripes. Attractive all the time it’s in growth
Eucomis ‘Frank Lawley’ £4
Short, white flowered, with crinkly edged pale green leaves. Not flashy, but highly satisfactory.

Eupatorium arnottianum see Chromolaena arnottiana

Eupatorium rugosum see Ageratina altissima

Euphorbia ‘Blue Haze’ £5
A short (to 40cm), very blue leaved hybrid (seguieriana niciciana x nicaeensis - the two classic glaucous spp) selected by Robin & Sue ‘Blackthorn’ White. ‘Prune hard in August for compact blue foliage all winter’ - I’d do what Robin tells you if I were you.
Euphorbia rigida AGM £4.50
The spirals of short, broad, pointed leaves around thick stems recall the well-known E. myrsinites, but instead of flopping around they stand upright in a branching 30-50cm bush. Yellow green flowers at the stem tips early in the year (from late January here). The leaves near the tips turn a lovely red brown towards summer, the hotter the position the better it colours up. A great favourite of ours for a sunny well drained spot, perhaps on the edge of a low wall.

For all those interested in South African plants we've also put all our listings of South African
bulbs and plants onto one website we've called South African Bulbs at Desirable Plants.

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