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South African Ericas by Mail Order UK
The 2013 - 2014 Autumn / Spring Catalogue

Ericas from South Africa

A different selection for this year, in very limited numbers as ever, reflecting their status as experimental plants for the bold minority. Grow in pots of sandy ericaceous mix, never allowed to dry out during the summer, given protection during cold winters, but certainly not requiring frost-free glass. South Africa has the bulk of the world’s ericas, and most don’t look much like the familiar Europeans.

Erica densifolia £4.50
Long, tubular red flowers tipped yellow-green on a stout, branching bush. Few.
Erica fastigiata £4.50
Conspicuous short-tubed flowers with widely spreading pink lobes, borne in fours at the tip – hence the name Four Sisters Heath. Few.
Erica straussiana £4.50
Lots of pink urn shaped flowers – both calyx and corolla are pink – spaced out quite evenly over the plant. Few.
Erica transparens £4.50
Lots and lots of fairly small flowers cover the plant in summer. In this form (a variable species) the corolla tube is pale pink with white lobes, in a red corolla. It’s the white/red contrast you see. The branches somehow resemble a flowering Daphne in the shape of an angry cat’s tail. Few (got the message yet?)

For all those interested in South African plants we've also put all our listings of South African
bulbs and plants onto one website we've called South African Bulbs at Desirable Plants.

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