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Geranium Cranes-bill Plants by Mail Order UK
The 2013 - 2014 Autumn / Spring Catalogue

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Geranium ‘Alan’s Blue’ £4.50
A recently introduced, still rarely offered, Alan Bremner hybrid. Robin Moss nicely describes it as a ‘rambling, vigorous plant to 90cm, with unusual cockade shaped flowers, of a light blue/lilac colour with white centres and veins to ¾ length’. A complex hybrid involving clarkei, saxatile and pratense ssp. stewartianum.
Geranium ‘Blue Cloud’ £4.50
Blue geraniums are too many and too similar. This is quite distinctive with pale blue flowers, veined crimson over a long season; height 50cm.
Geranium ‘Distant Hills’ £4.50
Alan Bremner’s pratense x collinum has lilac flowers veined pink over a very long season. The overall effect is a light grey-blue. 60cm. I really don’t want too many pratense hybrids, but this is a fine plant.
Geranium ‘Elke’£4
A hybrid clearly showing its sanguineum parentage, distinguished by its wonderful light purple-pink petals, veined deeper, and with a conspicuous white margin and eye, which is what makes it so special. Rather low growing, dense, and with dark green leaves year round. In no way at the cutting edge, just very fine.
Geranium ‘Elworthy Eyecatcher’ £5
Good sized shiny light magenta flowers over a very long season. 60cm ish. A good plant, still uncommon. Thanks to Jenny and Mike ‘Elworthy Cottage’ Spiller.
Geranium erianthum 'Calm Sea' £4
Peter Yeo’s pale lilac, veiny form of this lovely slow growing species for a bit of shade. From Vladivostock – cool!
Geranium himalayense ‘Derrick Cook’ £4.50
A very good form of this low clumper. Large flowers are ice blue and veined, white from any distance.
Geranium ‘Ivybridge Eyeful’ £4.50
Essentially a 50cm, branchy plant with smaller but more abundant, vivid magenta psilostemon flowers over a long summer season. We listed it last year as a psilostemon hybrid, with its history. Having consulted widely, it’s not any of the cultivars it might have been, and needs a name. Very bright.
Geranium ‘Jean Armour’ £4
You might not want to replace dear old ‘Mavis Simpson’, but if you don’t have Mavis, I’d go for Jean instead.
Geranium ‘Kanahitobanawa’ £4
Our own hybrid is becoming reasonably well known in Geranium circles, mainly for its daft, barely pronounceable and entirely meaningless name (one geranium enthusiast just calls it the ‘K plant’.) It seems to be a psilostemon / oxonianum ‘Thurstonianum’ cross, with an intermediate habit and dark-veined vivid magenta flowers with somewhat blunt, toothed tips.
Geranium libani RCB RL-2 £4.50
Hardy, summer dormant sun-lover with fat rhizomes, in attractive leaf through winter and flowering sky blue in spring. We’ve had old cultivated clones before and reckoned it so-so. This fairly recent wild collection by Bob Brown is quite superior: the flowers have broader petals and so a rounder outline than the others, and the leaves are larger, brighter green and somehow more luxuriant.
Geranium libani x ibericum £4
In effect, an ibericum with dark, inky violet flowers. Leaves often age red. Quite like ‘Sabani Blue’ but an inkier shade.
Geranium maculatum ‘Silver Buttons’ £4.50
Essentially a white maculatum with fringed petals. Rare, and we can’t trace its origin. Thanks to John Newbold.
Geranium maculatum ‘Spring Purple’ AGM £4
An unusually purple flowered form of this species, with a red flush to the newly emerging foliage.
Geranium ‘Mrs Judith Bradshaw’ £4
Sage textured, renardii influenced foliage has a distinctive yellow cast, especially when young. Good pink flowers with ‘eyelash’ veins.A gracile / renardii hybrid raised by Alan Bremner and still too rarely seen.
Geranium ‘Orion’ AGM £4.50
Grown on the recommendation of the Wynn-Joneses of Crûg Farm, this is now our favourite of the many blue pratense-type plants. Big flowers of a clear deepish blue. 50cm or so.
Geranium phaeum ‘Margaret Wilson’ £4.50
Very distinctive fine, creamy white net-variegation across the leaf surface, violet flowers. It’s the leaves you want, so cut the flower stems back right after flowering, or even before. Rumour had it that the variegation comes through in seedlings, but missed out the word ‘sometimes’.
Geranium phaeum ‘Our Pat’ AGM £4.50
This large flowered, 60cm tall clone of the classic purple-black flowered geranium has that indefineable something which makes a good plant superb. I hear rumours that the RHS committee judging the trials voted unanimously for the AGM.
Geranium phaeum ‘Séricourt’ £4.50
A French variety with leaves clear yellow in spring. The flowers are red-brown. It is hard to overemphasise how good (and popular) a plant this is.
Geranium pratense 'Else Lacey' £4.50
A pale lilac loose double. Unlike ‘Summer Skies’ which is a similar colour, it doesn’t have the unfortunate tendency for the flowers to make a brown mess in wet weather. Else Lacey lived in East Cornwall and was much respected in hardy perennial circles. Rarely offered.
Geranium pratense ‘Plenum Album’ £4.50
10p sized double white flowers, with a little violet veining the centre. More picky than the other forms of this species, thriving in a moist and fertile but well-drained soil, in sun or partial shade. Slow to propagate; few.
Geranium pratense ‘Purple Heron’ £4
Dark, dark purple foliage; deep violet flowers in summer on a compact plant to 45cm. A clone of the highly prized ‘Midnight Reiter’ which is variable from seed and painfully slow to propagate by division - but we divide it anyway. Small, and slow growing.
Geranium shikokianum var. quelpaertense £4.50
Low-growing, densely clumping but not running, this Japanese species has an unusual habit. Pretty pink, darker veined flowers with white centres. Ideal for the front of a sunny border, or path edge. Uncommon. We've grown this, and no other form of shikokianum for over 20 years - we're told that hybridization within the species is blurring the original varieties in gardens and nurseries, but that ours should be 'clean' quelpaertense.
Geranium soboliferum Cally strain £4
Flowers a solid, rich pink from later in summer than most, through to September. 30cm tall with narrowly lobed leaves. From Michael ‘Cally’ Wickenden’s Russian collection.
Geranium ‘Solitaire’ £4
Like its parents, a summer dormant plant with attractive leaves low to the ground in winter, and large clear blue flowers on 40cm stems in spring, but more vigorous and quicker growing than either. Goes on flowering for longer, too. Previously (and correctly) listed as libani x peloponnesiacum, but Alan Bremner who raised it has now named it. Why ‘Solitaire’? ‘First thing that came into my head’ he claims.
Geranium ‘Stephanie’ £4
A recent hybrid, pelopponesiacum x renardii. Summer dormant-ish, with flowers like the former parent and leaves midway between the two. Very floriferous and desirable.

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