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Primula Primrose Plants by Mail Order UK
The 2013 - 2014 Autumn / Spring Catalogue

Primula - Primroses etc.
Plant names highlighted in green have images attached, click to view.

Primula ‘Barbara Midwinter’ £4
On the scale of a primrose, with deep carmine flowers with well separated petals, through the winter. Distinctive leaves. Really special. juliae x (megaseifolia x juliae).

Primula Cowichan polyanthus (all £3.75)
We’re not plant snobs, honest guv. A good polyanthus is a lovely thing, especially when used for its colour and form rather than in a jazzy bedding scheme. Barnhaven’s Cowichan seed strains with their prolific, normal sized (i.e. not blowsy giant) flowers with only small yellow eyes are great, but almost uniquely in the nursery trade we go on to select elite clones and propagate them vegetatively, taking care not to transmit virus in the process. This year we offer Blue (bluer, but still a violet-blue) and Garnet (selected for good deep red-brown).

Primula ‘Blue Sapphire’ £3.75
A neat, fairly dark blue double primrose with a will to live. Wish they all did…
Primula ‘David Green’ £4
A primrose with deep crimson-puple flowers and untinted mid-green leaves. A 1950s Champernowne variety, rarely offered today. Thanks to Tim Millar.
Primula ‘Duckyls Red’ £4
A very good scarlet poly with essentially no eye, selected from Cowichan Venetians. The dark green leaves are red stained.
Primula ‘Ingram’s Blue’ £4.50
A distinctive old poly. The deep violet blue, yellow eyed flowers hang slightly on long pedicels. Choice.
Primula ‘Lady Greer’ £3.75
Rather dense, small polyanthus heads of little pale yellow flowers. Untinted green leaves.
Primula ‘Maisie Michael’ £4
A primrose with cream petals and dusky pink calyx, over dark red tinted leaves. Unlike anything else we know.
Primula 'Pink Cabbage' £4
It’s a polyanthus, but with short stems and modestly sized flowers on slender pedicels, giving you the first impression of a little primrose. It’s a deep, soft, dull purplish pink, sombre and elegant – a 1930s colour, I feel without quite being able to say why. The leaves are fairly small and a good fresh green with none of that dark ‘Guinevere’ tint which lots of people love but I detest in combination with a pink flower. Rarely have I seen a plant less deserving of the title ‘Cabbage’…
Primula ‘Rosemary Cottage’ £4
Oxlip-like heads of pale creamy yellow flowers to 15cm or more. Strikingly toothed, purple flushed leaves. Extremely nice.
Primula sieboldii AGM from Rosemoor £4
Really large flowers, quite an intense purplish pink at the unfringed edges grading gently into a white central star. An anonymous old clone grown for years at Rosemoor, very effective in big clumps below shrubs. My enthusiasm for it was rewarded by a present of a piece. Thanks!
Primula sieboldii ‘Dart Rapids’ £4.50
We’ve taken pains to select this refined flower, with a pale face and strongly coloured reverse, in very pale / really deep lavender, and with entire petals.
Primula sieboldii ‘Pago Pago’ £4
This name refers to a seed strain, of which this is a selected clone. Moderately sized flowers of an intense magentapink, not at all frilly.
Primula spectabilis £4
One of the wild auricula relatives, rarely seen in gardens. Lovely rose-pink flowers, but tricky to flower really well.
Primula ‘Tomato Red’ £4
Depending on the weather, the colour is of sliced or whole tomatoes, at varying stages of nearly-ripeness. A floriferous primrose, which is unambiguously attractive, despite any other impression my attempts at accuracy might convey.
Primula vulgaris var. pulchella £3.75
Start with a conventional English primrose. Turn the intensity of the flower colour down to almost nothing, then add a faint pink flush from the edges, varying a bit as the season goes on, and give the tips of the petals a deeper, broader notch. Make the leaves a bit more deeply toothed, and there you have it. From Joe Sharman - ‘you ought to have this…’ – and he was right.

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