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Roscoea Quality Plants by Mail Order UK
The 2013 - 2014 Autumn / Spring Catalogue

Splendid, fully herbaceous members of the ginger family, from the Sino-Himalayan region. Grow them in a humus rich acidic soil in part shade, and don’t let them dry out when in growth. They spend an extended winter underground. All ours are propagated by division. They may not come into growth until May, so do not panic!

Plant names highlighted in green have images attached, click to view.

Roscoea auriculata ‘Floriade’ £5
Rich purple flowers in July, with a sharply contrasting white bit in the middle (there’s technical for you). In a species which varies a great deal in colour intensity and impact of the flowers, this cultivar stands right out.
Roscoea x beesiana Cream Group £5
Strong growing, to 40cm. Lots of big cream (not white and not pale yellow!) flowers over an unsurpassed flowering season.
Roscoea x beesiana ‘Monique’ £5
White, not cream flowers on a vigorous plant. Variable purple veining on the lip. Long season.
Roscoea cautleyoides ‘Early Purple’ £5
The first to flower here, short and stout, a nice soft purple.
Roscoea cautleyoides ‘Kew Beauty’ AGM £5
Particularly fine pale yellow flowers, taller and more slender.
Roscoea cautleyoides ‘Yeti’ £5
I know, I know, there are too many named selections of this species. ‘Select, not collect’ is our motto. This stands out for its substantial flowers of a warm light yellow, which are particularly frilly (should that be grizzled?)
Roscoea humeana ‘Rosemoor Plum’ £5
Deep plum flowers, quite early in the season, on a plant which clumps up far quicker than most members of its species. It needs a cool spot though – the flowers are prone to bleach under hot, bright conditions.
Roscoea ‘Long Acre Sunrise’ £5
Another pale yellow, not the earliest. The look of the plant owes a lot to humeana; Nigel Rowland, who selected it, tells me it’s a hybrid involving that species and cautleyoides.
Roscoea purpurea ‘Brown Peacock’ £6
Purple flowers, in later summer as usual for this species; brown-tinted leaves and dark pseudostems.
Roscoea purpurea ‘Purple Streaker’ £5
A splendid short stocky plant with big flowers shockingly bicolored purple and white. Probably the same as ‘Wisley Amethyst’, or at least a seedling from it: while that name is an upstart, it is a Wisley plant.
Roscoea purpurea ‘Red Gurkha’ £8
The one everyone’s been asking for. The flowers really are red, large too, on a short stout plant with dark red pseudostems. It’s very late into growth (mid-June, so mark the place and be very patient!) and late flowering too (mid-August - September). If delivered in spring, keep in its pot until well into growth. Not quite as hardy as the others it seems. Never leave it outside in a pot overwinter; in cold areas some people lost theirs planted out, over winter 2010-11.
Roscoea scillifolia f. atropurpurea £4
Tiny, but so dark purple it’s essentially black flowered.

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